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Adverising During World War II

The Government understood the need to maintain morale during the war. The
Government encouraged citizens to participate in the war effort while persuading
them to accept rationing and conserve precious resources. In June 1942 President
Roosevelt established the Office of War Information to work with magazine publishers,
advertising agencies, and radio stations. The organization hired writers and artists to
create posters and ads that stirred Americans' patriotic feelings.

Even before the United States entered World War II it had undertaken the largest
advertising campaign ever. The United States advertised war bonds and rationing to
Americans while contributing to the home - front morale. The main goal of propaganda during WWII was manipulation of public opinion.

Timeline of Advertsing: READ right hand side of timline for advertsing part!

Victory waits on your fingers
Victory waits on your fingers
This propaganda poster is for the U.S. Civil Service Commission. It is stating that the country needs women to stenographers.

Rosie the Riveter: We Can Do It
Rosie the Riveter: We Can Do It
This is one of the most famous propaganda poster form the WWII era. This is a picture of Rosie the Riveter. This poster is stating that women can do the same work as men and they can do it just as well. It is also asking women to go out and get jobs since the men are overseas fighting.

Don't let that shadow touch them - Buy War Bonds
Don't let that shadow touch them - Buy War Bonds
This poster is for the U.S. Treasury. It is stating that people need to buy war bonds so that the kids of the United States don't have the Nazi's coming over and attacking the United States.

Next! 6th War Loan
Next! 6th War Loan
This poster is another example of the United States Treasury asking people to buy war bonds because our next move was to attack Japan!

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