Ian: Atomic Bombs

In 1945 the United States was fighting JaPan in the Pacific War. The United States defeated Japan at Iwo Jima and Okinawa which made it possible
for the United States to be within range of mainland Japan to drop bombs. First the United States dropped bombs on the Japanese cities of Tokyo, Nagoya,
Osaka and Kobe. Although hundreds of thousands of Japanese citizens were killed the people of Japan were still optimistic and they still wanted to fight.

In July of 1945 at Potsdam the Allies called for the unconditional surrender but Japan refused. President Truman then authorized the use of the Atomic
Bomb because he wanted the war over quickly and did not want to invade Japan and lose more U.S. soldiers lives. On August 6th the city of Hiroshima was
bombed with the Atomic Bomb and on August 9th the city of Nagasaki. Aproximately a hundred thousand people died.

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