WWII Medical Experiments

Types :

High Altitude: Victims were put in high altitude compression rooms as their psychological responses were watched. They would lose conciousness and die.


Freezing: Victims were placed in freezing water so that the doctors could see what would happen when soldiers were dropped in the freezing cold North Sea. Most victims often lost conciousness and died.


Sulfanilamide: Doctors would try to find ways of counteracting gangrene. The Nazi Doctors would deliberatly cut open the victims leg or arm and infect it to see how the disease progressed. They would infect a war-like wound with gas gangrene and agitate the wounds with glass or sand. They would also see if sulfanilamide would cure the disease.


Twins: Some twins were inspected to see what would happen to one if something was done to another. They were usually killed after they had been examined for a few weeks. Doctors tried to find the secrets to multiply birth in order to populate the world with more Aryans. Most twin experiments were done by Dr. Mengele

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Poison: Trying to find the gas most effective for gassing prisoners. Mostly phenol and cyanide. Poison was often put in the food or they were shot with poison bullets. Victims who did not die were killed so that the doctors could do autopsies so that they could see why the victim didn't die.


Tuberculosis: The TB virus was injected into several hundered victims to find a cure. If the victims did not die they were killed so autopsies could be preformed. Bone, muscle, and joint transplant: Doctors tried to find out if body parts could be transplanted. They would cut off different body parts and try to attach them to other victims. They would also cut out body organs and try to re-grow them outside the body.


Sterilization: Most men were castrated or had their testies burned by radiation. Women had caustic acids injected into their uterus.

Artificial Insemination: The doctors would try to increase the Aryan race. Dr. Clauberg would often taunt the women, telling them that he put animal sperm in them and that they were growing monsters. These women lived in Block10 and lived in constant fear that they would be chosen as a "Block 10 Whore" for experiments.

Dr. Josef Mengele

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Birth: March 16th 1911

Death: 1979

Background: Eldest of three sons, he was intelligent, popular ,and well refined, his parents were Karl and Walberga Mengele, he studied Philosophy at Munich and medicine at Frankfurt University, 1937 he joined Nazi Party, 1938 he went to the SS, 1942 he was wounded and unfit for duty but volunteered to work at Auschwitz for 21 months, became Chief Provider of gas chambers and the Crematoria, at the age of 32 he gassed 750 women due to lice infestation, Mengele sent around 400,000 people to be gassed with one simple hand motion to the left, he was nicknamed the "Angel os Death" and "Uncle Mengele".

Experiments: Fascinated with drawing blood from twins in which some bled to death, after intentionally killing Gypsy twins he performed autopsies on the twins, he often injected chemicals into the eyes of twins to change the color, he injected lethal germs, studied incest, isolation indurance, blood transfusions, removal of organs and limbs, sex change operations, and reaction to chemicals, he then had them shipped to his laboratory in Red Cross vans or in his own van for experiments

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Children: some called him "Uncle Mengele" because he brought candy, clothes, and allowed them to play and pick flowers, some remember him as being a gentle man especially by his favorite sets of twins, not many lived after liberation.

Results: most of his recorded work will never be recovered since it was destroyed over the years, Mengele escaped to Argentina with help from the Red Cross and started his life anew but traveled often so he would not be found, he later died while swimming in the ocean and had a severe stroke and drowned

Dr. Mengele was a German physician and SS captain. In 1943, he was named SS Garrison Physician of Auschwitz. He preformed many experiments on twins throughout his career.
By: Hannah, Kelsey Gi, Taylor.